Custom-Decorated Cupcake (1 Dozen)

Custom-Decorated Cupcake (1 Dozen)

We are happy to provide a limited number of custom cupcake designs for preorder. Please read through our rules before ordering!

  • The minimum order for all custom designs is one dozen cupcakes. This minimum applies per design (that is, if you want red and blue cupcakes, you would need to order 12 red and 12 blue)
  • We currently only offer vanilla, chocolate, vegan vanilla, and gluten-free vanilla cake bases for custom work. This is to help us make sure custom decorations and colorings come out exactly as intended! Also, many of our flavors are designed for specific buttercream and garnish combinations, so they don't lend themselves to additional decoration.
  • We currently only offer vanilla buttercream or vegan vanilla buttercream. For the same reasons as above :-).
  • If there is a specific shade of a color you would like, please enter that in the notes section before checking out! Or if there is a color you do not see, just choose one of the ones below and you can note for the actual color you want before check out!
  • Sorry, we can't pipe words or letters on cupcakes. Our fingers are not that tiny. We'd be happy to add a note to the box, though!
  • 48 hours notice required for all custom work.

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We can also do a wider selection of custom work for weddings and large events (6 dozen or more). Schedule a bridal tasting here or email us at

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