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Cary Potter Preorders


"We'll take the lot!"

Pre-order one dozen of our Cary Potter 2019 Cupcakes for pickup or delivery. 

Note that only a limited number of preorders will be accepted per date. If your preferred date is not available at checkout, we have reached our preorder limit for that date. Walk-ins still available.

Flavors only available Monday, October 21nd - Sunday, November 3rd. 

Email us at to inquire about orders of 6 dozen cupcakes or more.

Due to the large volume orders we receive during this promotion, preorders may only be placed for the following combinations of flavors. Please no substitutions or modifications.

"The Lot" - 2 Sorting Hats, 2 Butterbeers, 1 each of all other Cary Potter flavors. (12 Cupcakes)

"The (GF) Lot" - 2 GF Polyjuice Potion, 2 GF Detention with Umbridge, 2 GF Salted-Caramel (6 Cupcakes)

"The (Vegan) Lot" - 2 Vegan Golden Snitch, 2 Vegan Dumbledore's Favor Sherbert Lemon, 2 Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (6 Cupcakes)


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